Posted 15/2/10
Cartoons are fantastic for using in the language class, especially to teach prepositions of accident! Coyote and Road Runner is an old favourite. In this clip, some clever person has manipulated the original cartoon to give it a surprise ending. The lesson plan exploits that fact.
  • Language level: Intermediate (B1) +
  • Learner type: Young learners; Teens; Adults
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Activity:  Reading; Text reconstruction
  • Topic: Cartoons
  • Language: Present simple; Third person singular; Verb + preposition
  • Materials: Video; Slideshow; Worksheet
Coyote & Roadrunner: Lesson plan pdf [downloaded 5834 times] Coyote & Roadrunner: Slideshow pdf [downloaded 4111 times]

Lesson plan outline

For this activity, students are shown images of key scenes from the cartoon. In each case, they are presented with two possible outcomes – one in Coyote’s favour and the other in Roadrunner’s. Students have to predict the outcomes before reconstructing key elements from the text. All images and texts are provided in the PDF slideshow (above).

Here are the four scenes and the language presented in combination with them:

Scene one: Boomerang (1:56) What happens here?

  1. Coyote throws the boomerang. But a second boomerang hits him on the back of the head. Coyote looks around and sees Roadrunner. Roadrunner runs away. Coyote is about to chase him when his own boomerang returns and also hits him on the back of the head.
  2. Coyote throws the boomerang. The boomerang hits Roadrunner on the back of the head and knocks him out. Coyote jumps up and down on Roadrunner and then blows him up with dynamite.

Scene two: School crossing (2:18) What happens here?

  1. Roadrunner thinks that Coyote is a child crossing the road and stops to let him past. Coyote grabs Roadrunner, jumps up and down on him and then blows him up with dynamite.
  2. Roadrunner runs past and knocks Coyote to the ground. Roadrunner then returns to the scene. He is dressed as a schoolgirl and holds a sign that says, “ROAD RUNNERS CAN’T READ”. Roadrunner says, “Beep beep” and then runs away.

Scene three: Rock (3:13) What happens here?

  1. Coyote pulls out the keystone. The rock falls on top of Roadrunner and crushes him. Coyote runs down and grabs Roadrunner. Coyote then puts Roadrunner in a sandwich and eats him.
  2. Coyote pulls out the key stone. The rock falls the wrong way and lands on top of Coyote. It crushes him. Roadrunner runs past and says, “Beep beep!”

Scene four: False tunnel (3:35) What happens here?

  1. Miraculously, Roadrunner passes through the tunnel. Coyote doesn’t understand how this is possible. He tries it for himself. Unfortunately for Coyote, it doesn’t work for him. He runs into the rock. This knocks him out and he falls to the ground.
  2. Roadrunner runs into the rock. This knocks him out and he falls to the ground. Coyote jumps up and down on him and then blows him up with dynamite.
Posted 15/2/10

4 Responses to What happens next? IV

  1. Debbie says:

    Dear Jamie
    I finally worked with “What Happens next?”. I followed your plan, and I had to split the lesson, we worked on scenes 1 and 2 and the following class completed scenes 3 and 4. I asked them to make sentences using the preposition Cloud as Homework. Intermediate student focused on building new vocabulary, and the upper int. student more focused on reviewing voc. and sharing memories of her childhood and “The Coyote and Roadrunner “. With both levels we described differences between the two characters. Thank you so much, my students and I had a lovely time in our class.

  2. Jamie Keddie says:

    Thanks very much for the feedback Debbie
    It sounds like you got much more than an hour out of the activity. This is great to know.
    Jamie :-)

  3. Pat says:

    Hiya Jaimie, This lessons is awesome and quite enjoyable, I always try to incorporate some of your lessons in my classes. Unlucky me the website link from the cartoon was removed but I`ve found another one

    Thanks for all.

  4. Jamie Keddie says:

    Hello Pat
    Thank you very much for letting me know about the bad link
    No thanks to Warner Bros for removing the clip on the grounds that it violates copyright. When will these people learn to chill out?
    Fixed now
    Jamie :)