Posted 1/3/14

Videotelling small

I would like to introduce Videotelling.

Videotelling is a project that combines storytelling, video narratives and video cameras. The project consists of the following:

  • A YouTube channel where I post videos from the classroom (here)
  • A website (here)
  • An ebook which will be published in 2015 (see here)

If you would like me to keep you up to date with news, you can subscribe at the website. Subscribers will also get a discount on the cover price as well as exclusive material.

In the meantime, Lessonstream is coming to an end. But don’t worry – the site isn’t going to vanish! You will still be able to access all content. And who knows – I may still upload the occasional lesson plan every now and again.

I would like to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to all of you good teachers who have used the site over the years and supported me with it. It’s been a lot of fun!

See you very soon.

Jamie :)

Posted 1/3/14

35 Responses to Videotelling

  1. María Emilia says:

    Dear Jamie,
    I can do nothing but say THANK YOU for the loads of material you’ve shared with all of us teachers!!! I’ve used, and will go on using, many of the lesson plans from your website.
    It’s a real pity this site is coming to an end! Both teachers and students enjoy your ideas very much.
    Thanks again!

  2. María Emilia says:

    Oh! I just forgot to tell you where I’m writing from! ARGENTINA!!! Realicó, La Pampa, to be more specific.
    GRACIAS, Jamie!!!

  3. Jamie Keddie says:

    Hello Mili (from Argentina!)
    Thank you for your nice comment. Don’t worry – there’s a lot more to come. Just keep an eye on the page!
    All the best
    Jamie :)

  4. Jeremy says:

    Thanks Jamie,

    This website has been a great inspiration for making my English lessons more relevant and interesting. Both myself and other teachers have really enjoyed using and adapting your ideas. Many thanks for sharing.

    Good luck with your new project. I will be sure to check it out!
    Jeremy (Taiwan)

  5. Galia says:

    Oh! I was so sorry to read that this project is coming to an end! But I am going to use the materials from your site anyway.Best wishes from all my heart.Galina from Russia.

  6. Maria says:

    Dear Jamie,

    I wish you all the best with your new adventures! Your lessons have been brilliant, I have used them in Greece, the UK, Australia and now in China too!! Thank you very much for all!!!

    Good luck,


  7. Antonia says:

    I really appreciated this website and the very accurate materials loaded. I have used some activities which were really appreciated by students and they worked very well at different levels. I hope that you will share with us new ideas somewhere else on the net. I do thank you for the brilliant lessons and I hope the stream of English will flow around us. Thanks again and good luck with your new projects and plans.

  8. Mark says:

    Your lesson plans are great and I’ve been using them with my classes here in Zacatecas, Mexico for years. I’m looking forward yo the new site and the book. Let me know next time your coming to Mexico.

  9. Jamie Keddie says:

    Hello Jeremy, Galia, Maria, Antonia and Mark
    Thank you for your very nice comments. I am very happy to get your feedback – it makes it all worth it.
    So, I am working on the new project (the ‘Videotelling’ ebook) and it will be out in the Autumn.
    I hope you like it
    Thank you all again
    Jamie :)

  10. Maryam says:

    Hello Jamie

    I’m looking forward to attend ur workshop in Doha

    Maryam from Doha

  11. Dimpna says:

    Hi Jamie!
    It has been a long time without knowing about you. I’ve just discovered your work. It’ s great. I knew you will be a fantastic teacher. I hope I could continue learning with your methods.
    I always think about your lessons times ago, you changed my mind. Actually I can understand English better, although I do not speak as I like.
    I hope I see you again.

  12. Jamie Keddie says:

    Thank you Maryam
    I hope you enjoyed the session. It was great to work with you all.
    Jamie :)

  13. Jamie Keddie says:

    Fantastic to here from you. The very first student I ever had!
    The last thing I heard you left Barcelona. I’m going send you an email. Maybe we could meet up some time.
    Jamie :)

  14. nagakala says:

    Nagakala says

    Hi Jamie,

    Thanks for the presentation and the handouts. Indeed it was a very impressive presentation. It ‘s useful to the teachers and parents who guide their children at home.

  15. Jamie Keddie says:

    Thank you Nagakala
    I’m happy that you enjoyed it. I hope to come back again one day very soon.
    Happy teaching!
    Jamie :)

  16. ronnie says:

    You are a legend, Jamie. Thanks for the wonderful lessons, insights and inspiration.

  17. Jamie Keddie says:

    Thanks for that Ronnie. You’re very lovely to say so.
    And you’re very welcome.
    Jamie :)

  18. Andy McCulloch says:

    Hi Jamie,
    You are an inspirational teacher, who has managed to win me over to the joy of teaching English as a foreign language. I find it hard to teach anything other than your excellent lesson! All the best in your next venture!


  19. Jamie Keddie says:

    Thank you Andy
    You are very lovely to say so and it makes me happy to hear it.
    Jamie :)

  20. Anna says:

    You’re a star, Jamie! I’ve used many of your lessons and they’ve always been a hit with the students. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into!

  21. Jamie Keddie says:

    Hello Anna
    I’m very happy to hear it
    Thank you for your comment. Here’s to more happy students!
    Jamie :)

  22. Marta Przybyla says:

    Hi Jamie,
    you’ve been my paragon of creativity and meeting you at IATEFL Poland in Lodz last year was just like a dream that came true. Many thanks for the amazing lessons and inspiring ideas. Good luck with your new project! I can’t wait for your ebook.

  23. Jamie Keddie says:

    Hello Marta
    What a lovely comment. I was hoping to come back to IATEFL Poland this year but I don’t think that it is going to happen this time. Next year I hope!
    I look forward to seeing you then.
    Jamie :)

  24. Debbie says:

    Hi Jamie,
    Thank you for sharing your inspiring work at lesson stream, I have enjoyed your ideas and learned a lot from you and my learners are grateful as well.
    Wish you the best on your new Video telling site, and there we go Jamie!
    Thank you and I wish we can see you soon in Argentina.

  25. Jamie Keddie says:

    Thank you Debbie
    I really appreciate your nice words.
    I’ll be in Argentina in August (Bahia Blanca). Maybe see you there …
    Jamie :)

  26. Phil says:

    Dear Jamie,
    Sad to hear that this chapter of your life is coming to a close, but I am happy that you are moving onto newer and bigger projects.
    This site has been a tremendous resource, incredible inspiration, and a source of great professional development for me. I’ve shared this resource with colleagues and friends, I can’t thank you enough for the work you’ve put into it.
    If you’re ever down under, I owe you a beer (or three!).
    Best of luck for the future!

  27. Jamie Keddie says:

    Thank you Phil
    You are a gentleman for saying so. What lovely feedback!
    Hoping to get to your part of the world one day. Will take you up on those beers.
    Jamie :)

  28. Janeycat says:

    Dear Jamie, thank you for lessonstream, it’s bloody brilliantly kind and generous of you and they have helped enormously for a variety of reasons. The students have had A LOT of fun with them.

  29. Jamie Keddie says:

    Hello Janey
    Damn nice of you to say so! I am very happy you have enjoyed the activities.
    Jamie :)

  30. Marjory says:

    I´m sorry to see that Lesson Stream is coming to an end but I´m sure your new venture will he a huge success, having just watched “The Woman with the Big Heart”. Looking forward to your visit to Los Cristianos in Tenerife.
    Thanks for some really great ideas on your Lesson Stream.


  31. Jamie Keddie says:

    Thank you Marjory
    Looking forward to seeing you in Tenerife. See you there!
    Jamie :)

  32. Anke Adriaans says:

    Hi Jamie

    Since I met with you in Breda and tot to know your great vision on engaging students by using video and storytelling you inspired me greatly. I have dveloping material like crazy lately! You have given me a truly practical and creatieve impuls to change the way I set up my lessons. As a former photographer and filmmaker turned teacher I have been traint a lot with images and video but I lachend the experience for dveloping lessonmaterial. Maybe I needed the push of confidence to engage kids differently from the mainstream methods. You are one of the first I have come across that really understands the essence of The power of image and the story or message it conveys. for me you are the bridge that links image to lessonplans to capture the curiosity and motivation of kids. I have never really been a fan of anything before, but I am now. You not only inspire students, but teachers aswell. I am using some of your materials and views now in a smallscale research to see if iT can also help the somewhat less smarter kids with very little experience or capacity of English….they tend to be forgotten when iT comes to developing material or lessonmethods in many ways. Let you know how I get on….Thank you so much in the meantime. Ps. Pity I won’t be able to use your videotelling book yet as literature basis for my research….can’t wait for it to be fisnished (No pressure:))
    Best wishes Anke

  33. Jamie Keddie says:

    Hello Anka (Jamie is blushing)
    What a very lovely comment. It was great to work with you in Breda. Let’s hope I can get there again one day soon.
    No pressure on the book! It should be out by Spring 2014. But self-publishing is hard and the date keeps changing. I’ll let you know.
    Have a great holiday. Thanks again
    Jamie :)

  34. Barbara Stange says:

    I’m thankfull for ALL you have shared. Generosity has been the most valuable lesson here!
    We meet at Videotelling!
    (São Paulo, Brazil)

  35. Jamie Keddie says:

    Thank *you* Barbara
    It’s nice to get your message. I hope to see you in SP one day soon.
    Jamie :)

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