Posted 13/9/17
I originally saw this video on Reddit where it was posted with the description: “Scientists discover a googly-eyed cuttlefish on the sea floor and immediately begin roasting it.” [To roast (slang; often used humorously) = to criticise someone or something severely.] The video was filmed at a depth of 900 meters and was streamed on the Nautilus Live website.
  • Language level: B1+
  • Learner: Young learners; Teens; Adults; CLIL
  • Time: 25 minutes
  • Activity: A video activity
  • Topic: Sea exploration
  • Language: Look & look like
  • Materials: Video & worksheet
Googly eyes [5.2 MB] pdf [downloaded 778 times]

The story

Nautilus EV (Exploration Vessel) is a ship that is used to explore unknown parts of the ocean.


[Image from here.]

Nautilus is equipped with a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) called Hercules (image here.). Hercules can go to a depth of 4000 meters. It is equipped with a video camera.

In August 2016, Nautilus was off the coast of California. Hercules was 900 meters below the surface, pointing its video camera at the sea bed. Scientists on board the ship were watching the images.

And then, they saw something unusual …

Activity outline

In this activity, students guess what the scientists on board Nautilus saw. After a few guesses, you show them the following image:


From here on, students have to describe the creature using the following structures:

Looks + adjective
E.g. It looks cute; It doesn’t look real.
Looks like + noun (phrase)
E.g. It looks like a child’s toy.
Looks like + clause
E.g. It looks like his eyes have been painted.

Students then compare their ideas with those of the scientists in the video. Finally, students write a short text to capture the stubby squid’s thoughts.

Note that you can download the full lesson plan PDF at the top of the page.


Posted 13/9/17

3 Responses to Googly eyes

  1. Alessandra says:

    Great activity, thanks! I am sure my students will love it and they will finally learn how to use the expressions, which they so often use wrongly

  2. Jill Billington says:

    I can’t even believe how good these lessons are! I kind of don’t want to share this site with anyone in my circle because I want to be the only one to have such fun classes! Is that bad? Nevermind, I already know the answer.

  3. sihamhayat says:

    Hi jamie,

    your video is a manner to pave the way to a new lesson (grammar lesson) and I really admired the hierarchy of your lesson which is so ordered .Thank you my teacher Jamie Keddy.