Exploding watermelons, curious pigs, sneezing baby pandas, mystery objects falling from the sky, internet addiction, online dishonesty, and (of course) internet cats!

Welcome to Videotelling – a book of YouTube-inspired stories to capture the imaginations of learners of all ages, everywhere. Accompanying ideas and ready-to-use activities will ensure that technology takes a backseat and good, old-fashioned storytelling comes to the front of your classroom.

What’s in it for you?

  • 45 video-based lesson plans to teach a wide range of subjects.
  • A teaching resource for waking up even the quietest students in your classroom.
  • Step-by-step instructions to get students listening, thinking, collaborating, communicating, problem solving, and making videos of their own.
  • Tons of inspiration to create your own Videotelling lessons and activities.
  • A handy guide to help you develop your own storytelling skills.
  • How do I get it?

    The ebook will be available in February. The paperback will be out in April. All subscribers to Lessonstream will receive a 10% discount on the ebook.